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  • For the Nano Neos, all I ask is that you do NOT use 1/2" material on them. 3/4" stock (used in my cab drawing, with 3/8" rabbets on ALL edges) makes for a quick and strong build, not requiring any braces. The brace that I DID show in my plan is there more for an accessible place to hang the small XO board than anything else. I know the woofer is quite small at 4", but it's got more gusto than a lot of 6-1/2" woofers.

    BTW, I never actually did draw up an "ntn" cab, I only made suggestions for one that I'd make (IIRC it was 28" tall), and people ran with it from there. A LOT of builders made it very tall to get the tweeter up to 30" to make it a floorstander, some even put a false base on the bottom to achieve this (12" would seem about right). I DID publish the crossover design, but if I drew up an "official" plan today, I'd probably make it 24" tall to better lay it out on the "Handypanels" that you can get at home improvement stores.