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  • Im currently building a scooter, weedeater motor turning a
    dc motor as a generator to supply power to an ac motor chained up to the rear wheel, and to charge deep cycle marine 12v storage battery for use as power on demand via ac/dc inverter. This way i hope to extend mileage without need for a recharge, (to often!) and have more guts for hills n take off excel than with either gas or electric individualy. .... My question is; how best to use the generated power? It produces ac voltage as is, running thru a 12v voltage regulator off a snow machine (or mabey it was a boat motor?). What kind of control would the generated ac voltage have on the 120vac chainsaw motor final drive, considering fluctuating ac volts and hertz?? The gen will produce 0-200vac (amps and hertz should change accordingly) with the throttle on the 2cycle engine. Also i can change all componets for other sizes, i got junk, lots.