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  • Regarding the VB-1, I'm not sure if they do offer a discount for commercial folks, but it can't hurt to ask. I haven't bought any in a while, since my last order was for both the VB-1 (gray paste) and VB-1x (purple sprayable liquid). It lasts a long time! They don't seem to offer the gray paste VB-1, but the purple stuff works just as well. I used to deal with and talk to Doug, who was the president at that time. But anyone there can help. Doug was even generous enough to invite me to CES a few years back, to participate in and help with their vendor area at CES. I got to meet John Fairchild, who used to be a driver engineer at Cerwin Vega before starting Tru Technology. Doug's wife used to handle the orders last time I ordered, but things change in business, especially as the business grows and expands, so I'm not sure who's there now. Or even if Doug is still a part of the business.
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