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  • Mike, I am Quite Intrigued with you totally tubular design speaker. I am Planing to use a single speaker design on the back of a bicycle pretty sure it will provide a cool look with a weight advantage over wood. If you can help me with a couple questions it would be greatly appreciated. 1. you mentioned a bass port issue with higher wattages any suggestions to better bass, since it will be an outside application. 2. do you have any lower ohm speaker substitute for higher portable application. 3. i am looking at an amp that states bridged for the one speaker at 250 watts for a 4 ohm speaker, no car audio give 8 ohm wattage specks and i dont have a watt ohm calculator, but it sounds like it would be prefect wattage 1 of your speakers. 4. do ports provide any sound realease? Thanx ahead for your help.