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  • Hello John:
    My name is Carl Richard. We were introduced last fall at the NE DIY fest at Dave's house. I was the guy with the plastic pipe speakers.

    I'm writing to ask a question about a new project I'm working on and would rather cover this privately and confidentially. It's a 15L 2-way mini-monitor. The drivers are Scanspeak and the crossover is the same type used in the Sonus Faber Extrema loudspeaker a number of years back. A single high wattage resistor in series with the tweeter and a parallel coil. The woofer/mid has a single air core coil in series . Below is the schematic.

    What I'm sensing after some listening to them is the central stereo image is weak. The output of each speaker is well matched and confirmed with dB measurement with pink noise playing.
    I was looking at your polar plot models on your web site and saw that the 1st order plot had an imbalance and am wondering if that is what is causing the poor central image. I started out with the drivers out of phase because the FR was flatter. See below. With the drivers in phase, there is a slight dip in the 1 to 2 kHz range. I've only recently made them in phase and the image seems to have improved.
    Any ideas? Please respond to my email address below. I'm not crazy about communicating thru a forum PM system.
    [email protected]

    Live in Southern N.E.? check out the CT Audio Society web site.