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  • Hello Paul,

    I am contacting you regarding the Sunflower Redux. It has been a "future" project for sometime. Just today I purchased a pair of RS125-4's on a whim and started looking at your design again. A couple of questions come to mind the answers to I have not been able to find.
    1. Is the Vifa used the XT25TG30-4? I can't find an 8 ohm version....
    2. What version of the RS225 is used, 4 or 8 ohm?
    3. I am very taken with the DanN cabinet. Would a slight taper, ~1-2" bottom to top have an impact on sound/diffraction?

    Thank you in advance for your attention to my questions. I look forward to building an open baffle design. BTW, I'm currently building a pair of OT TM flat packs. When the MTM's are available I'll build the balance of my 1st new HT speaker system in 15 yrs.

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