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  • I live in Kanata as well. I was considering buying some DM110s but one speaker has a blown tweeter. I was checking on the internet to see if I could find a tweeter and found your post on DM110's in this forum. Are you considering replacing your DM110s. I may be interested in buying them from you if you would sell them.
    Also do you know of a great speaker repair guy in the Ottawa area ? I have a few speakers in need of repair. Here is a list of the ones that need repair.
    KEF 105, I bought them new in 1983, one of them fried a resistor in one channel of my amp ( 1984 Naim Audio). B&W DM310, (my son's),one 8" bass driver is dead. Mission 717, one bass driver is dead. All the speakers needing repair were from abuse by my son - he has moved out. I try to keep 3 systems working at all times. My system at the computer is Rotel Rx855 w KLH 602 bookshelfs; at my cabin is Harman Kardon Receiver(30w/ch) w Energy 22 speakers. I still have the Naim Audio amp,pre-amp and power supply but I've no speakers hooked up. My spare speakers are Large Advents and Cambers (formerly Regas). My spare receivers are Nad 7140 and Rotel Integrated amp (which my son has borrowed with my Cambers).
    Thanks for your time...paul