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  • I looked into what the school wants for housing. It is $20 for a double room and sheets, pillows, blanket a night.
    EditReport 04-04-2012 04:26 PMbillcurrier
    Roughly two years ago we had a get together in Hot Springs, Arkansas for a weekend in July. I work at a residential school and was able to offer rooms for the night about $20 a night. The school is located in "downtown" Hot Springs so food, drink and activities are within easy walking distance. The school has some facilities so we could listen to each others work, talk and socialize. Last year I did not get the interest to do it again but with no DIY gatherings in North Texas this past year I thought I put feelers out there for the weekend of July 13,14 and 15. I have a few people already mention they would like to come and I want to see if the effort is worth the while. Send some kind of response either to the thread or PM me. Hope we can get enough interest together to do a get together.